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Welcome to Griffiths Financial Services

Griffiths Financial Services is an independent, comprehensive wealth management firm located in Newtown, PA. We offer a full range of financial planning, tax planning, risk management as well as estate planning for individuals, families and businesses.

Vision Statement

"Our vision is helping our clients decide what is most important to them, and then creating a plan to help them toward achieving it--whether it entails educating their children or grandchildren, retirement without running out of money, starting a new business or nonprofit, caring for aging parents, supporting charitable causes, traveling or some other meaningful goal."

Comprehensive Planning

Clarifying your goals sets the stage for pursuing them. At Griffiths Financial Services, we're proud of our success in helping clients pursue a broad range of long-term objectives through our planning in areas including:

- retirement planning

- education planning

- estate planning

- business planning services

Disciplined Investing

Investing wisely is key to creating the future you want. At Griffiths Financial Service, we passionately believe in managing toward your most important goals rather than chasing short-term market trends. Our approach is firmly grounded in science and academic research drawing on the analysis of more than 80 years of market data, as well as groundbreaking studies of investor psychology and behavior. We rely on a disciplined, structured approach as a safeguard against the common behavioral mistakes that can compromise your long-term financial goals.

Our Aim: A Confident Financial Outlook

Financial uncertainty can carry a steep cost in the form of worry. By helping clarify your goals and putting you on a clear path toward reaching them, we seek to build your confidence in the future and improve your outlook in the present.