Our Process

At Griffiths Financial Services, we design an investing plan for you based on a thorough understanding of your situation and your goals. We build it using a responsible, research-based method. And we strive to protect your wealth—and your future—through a disciplined, structured approach. Please read our process overview below, and for more detail, click here.


Our firm exists to help you pursue your life goals. In designing your investment strategy, those goals are our guide. Our portfolios take into account your unique short-term needs, future lifestyle needs and long-term comfort. Mitigating risk—from market volatility to economic fluctuations to the emotional decisions investors are prone to—is central to our approach.


With more than 80 years of academic research as our guide, we build your investment portfolio with a focus on three critical decisions:

1. How your portfolio is allocated between stocks and short-term bonds.
2. How your portfolio is allocated between U.S. stocks and International stocks.
3. Your comfort with key risk factors.

Our observations indicate that over time, getting these decisions right can have a decisive impact on your portfolio performance.


One of the major success factors in investing is discipline. Market volatility can tempt many of us to change course, but our observations indicate that such impulsive decisions almost always harm portfolio performance in the end. That’s why we manage through markets rather than to markets. Finally, we continually monitor your portfolio and periodically re-balance your holdings in order to maintain your desired mix of stocks and bonds. As a result, the risk within your portfolio remains within your comfort zone.