Financial Planning

Financial planning: It can provide a clear picture of where you stand and how to approach long-term goals. At Griffiths Financial Services, we take the time to get to know you and to understand your unique financial situation. We listen carefully to help clarify your objectives. Then we create a detailed plan that will serve as the map to your goals.

Investment Planning

We seek to ensure that your investment portfolio is the best possible match for your needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. That includes making sure that you're taking on no more risk than necessary as you work toward your goals. It means minimizing the fees you pay on those investments. And it means screening out investments that are inappropriate based on your individual situation. Click here to learn more about our investment philosophy.

Retirement Income Planning

Many pre-retirees struggle with uncertainty about what lies ahead. Our retirement income planning can help to provide answers. We'll analyze your situation and help to determine when you can retire at your desired lifestyle, the best way for you to create retirement income and how to maximize Social Security benefits.

Cashflow Planning

Knowing where your money is coming from and how you're spending it is a key to financial discipline and long-term financial success. We'll help you determine:

- Whether you are saving enough

- If you are spending too much

- Whether you are using appropriate savings vehicles 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical for almost everyone, regardless of their wealth level. When a person dies without leaving legal instructions, the courts step in to decide everything from who will care for their children to who will inherit their assets. Preparing estate documents helps provide assurance that your wishes will be carried out after your death. Working with your trusted legal advisor, Griffiths Financial Services can help ensure that your plan is in place and up to date.

LPL Registered Representatives are not engaged in providing legal advice. Please seek the assistance of a qualified legal advisor for the creation of trusts and other legal documents.