Our Clients

Griffiths Financial Services's clients are individuals and families who value simplicity in their financial lives and who understand that wealth is an instrument to improve their quality of life and work towards important goals.   

Who We Serve

Our clients are success-minded, thoughtful individuals and families who are committed to navigating toward their long-term goals. Some of our clients are in the wealth-building stage of their lives, with as little as $100,000 to invest. Others are in or near retirement, with as much as $10 million that they wish to either turn into income, pass on to heirs, or both.

Our Clients' Values 

Our typical clients are patient, fairly conservative investors wishing to preserve and position their wealth for growth. Our clients are not interested in risky short-term trading for the sake of "playing the market." They take a long view of investing as a means to pursue objectives such as a comfortable retirement, college funding and transferring wealth to future generations. Our clients' common characteristics include the desire to:

- create a more simplified financial life

- obtain confidence for one's self and family

- translate money into independence and accomplishments